6 Tips For Cutting Off Your Ex

Majority of us have been thru at least one break up in our lives. Some of us have had the misfortune to either ‘still long’ to be connected to that person or the misfortune of being pestered by that person. Either way, the best way to move forward is to leave the past in the past. You cannot get over the heartbreak if you are still attaching so much of your mental and emotional space and time into something that has ran its course.

I know it’s easier said than done and I know that it can be hard. Whether it’s ten days or ten years, you deserve to grieve the loss of that attachment (whether it was a wonderful connection or a tumultuous relationship). I also know that it can feel like a lonely journey but trust me when I tell you that you are NOT alone! Below are 6 tips to help you thru this process and get refocused on all the important aspects of your life like career you getting back to being the amazing individual you are!


I know for some people this is the hardest thing ever seeing as though millions of us are connected on so many platforms and keeping in touch with so many people. I also know that many of us have businesses that function majorly via social media. If you are one of those people, simply block that person from your pages. That will put up a virtual wall between you and them and you still can proceed with your business as usual. If you are able to take a virtual hiatus from social media all together, then do so. Nothing sadder than seeing 8 trillion relationship, heartbreak, emotional and trash talking memes on your time line. Your followers will thank you as well (lol).

You also don’t want to be that weird exe who trolls on the persons page leaving unanswered messages on their post, unwarranted comments to allude to your status or liking or ‘hearting’ all their post for their attention, only to bash them or throw sad subliminal shots on your page when they ignore your cyber attempts. That can be just as sad. Save yourself the embarrassment and just leave that person alone all together. You look crazier than you think and it brings you no closer to being with that person.

P.S.  I know it’s tempting to see who he or she may or may not be entertaining but it seriously won’t do you any good. Plus you don’t want to be the psycho ex cyber stalking anyone one they remotely show interest in.


Look, the same rules apply for the phone interactions. Stop sending long poetic or crazy over analytical text messages to your ex after a break up. You don’t want to be that person on the sending or receiving end. You don’t need to text them to tell them how much you love them, how great of a catch you are or how you’ll always be there blah, blah, blah. THEY KNOW these things and it STILL didn’t go as planned. You don’t have to convince someone that you are great and worth their time. Disconnect that communication with them. Stop waiting for that text message or email from them. Take a breather. You don’t need to consume your time waiting around for  a one word response if any response at all.


You have so much to do!

Remember that work you needed to catch up on? Now is your time!

Remember that decorating you’ve been meaning to do in that spare bedroom? You can get to it!

Get cute and check out that new sushi spot down town or that new hookah lounge.

When was the last  time you hit up happy hour with your friends or  jumped in your car headed to an impromptu beach tailgating party?

Maybe your kids would like to hit that theme park or go to the cool new in-door trampoline park.

Heck! Sky-dive, swim with dolphins, go shopping for your elderly neighbor or volunteer (the gift that keeps giving). Do whatever comes to mind. Just stay busy and productive!


During this time you are vulnerable and the last thing you need is to be surrounded by negative or (petty) vibes. Be around those that speak greatness into the universe and positivity into you.

… I know being petty is so much fun in the moment but it achieves nothing in the end.


Nothing better to get over an ex like whipping your butt back into shape (or maintaining your sexxxxy!).

Make that awesome playlist and go bike ridding, running or skating a few miles. Go get some cute new gear and join that gym. Hey, you may even get the number of the cutie sweating next to you and gain a new gym buddy… if not more.


Go and see the world!

Mile by mile. Explore. Take that trip to Morocco or go to that nice beach  two cities over and sleep over.

You don’t even have to leave the country, explore your state more. Enjoy the open road life.

Check out  Living Social, Groupon or even cruise lines for great deals!


Bottom line crushes…

Having a heartache is never fun. In the moment it feels so terrible but it will pass and you will be stronger. No one knows what the future holds, in the meantime be strong and move along confidently.


XOXO Crush


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