My 5 Tips To Self Motivation!!



I know that life can be full of all kinds of twist & turns that can really leave you unmotivated. Below is my top 5 things I remind myself of when ever I need to jump start my brain & stay motivated.

Keep a Positive Attitude:

No matter how things may seem, start your day with a positive attitude. There’s always something good in any situation. Don’t burden your already busy mind with bad thoughts & a bad outlook.

Stop Overthinking:

Lots of time is wasted simply on overthinking things in life. Take a deep breath & clear your mind by either mediating, listening to music, moving around physically or writing down your thoughts. Don’t put more weight on yourself by freaking out over every little thing. You need that beauty sleep to conquer the world!

Set Special Goals For Yourself:

Each day set a new goal for yourself. make it simple, like working out 30 minutes, reading a chapter of a book you’re interested in, finishing up a side project you’ve been working on. Any little thing that matters to you & make it a point to get it done!

Pace Yourself:

Rome wasn’t built in a day & your goals & dreams aren’t either. Take your time to create a plan & tackle each step bit by bit.

Reward Yourself: 

There’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of knowing that there’s a sweet reward at the end of a huge task. Knowing that your positive actions & hard work will pay off is a huge motivation to see each journey thru fully.

I hope these 5 tidbits help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Let me know some of your tips!

XOXO Crush

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