You Are Worthy!

Today I have been reflecting on so many feelings I have had for the last year and a half. The one main feeling that has been piercing deep down in me is the need to repeat to myself that I am WORTHY. I know that I am not the only person in the world that has dealt with, or better yet, allowed certain people and things in and out of my life because I simply didn’t deem my self, nor my time WORTHY.

After dealing with the sudden death of my mother, I have done some major soul searching these last six months. I’m still on the journey. My mother was 49 years old. That’s very young in my eyes & in the wake of her passing I came across several letters and journals filled with goals, thoughts, ideas and recipe’s that she hadn’t gotten to.  Just three days before she passed she told me on the phone that she wanted to go to Jamaica for her 50th birthday that was coming up in August. So much time passed her by because she was planning for tomorrow & not utilizing today.

With these thoughts running threw my head, I decided that I can not keep wasting my time on anything that isn’t going to better me as a person. I cant waste my time on non-sense and it’s a daily battle. I’m not perfect, but I have been successful in limiting who allow to enter my personal vibes. I am the oldest of my mothers five children and she left me to look out for my two youngest siblings who are sixteen and eleven years old. Those two are a hand full so I no longer have much time in general, let alone to waste on anything or any one that don’t have any thing to add to my life but more stress, instability and bad vibes.

Everyday I have to pray for patience, clarity, guidance and strength. Everyday I am fighting to be a happier, healthier and better me. Once you value yourself and know your WORTH there’s nothing you can’t conquer. Demand that love you want, that job you want, that respect you want and know that you shouldn’t settle for anything less….


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